Edible Gardening Webinar Package


If you’re interested in growing food, this Edible Gardening Webinar Package is for you! I have bundled together 4 of my past webinars into a package that will help you grow vegetables, berries and fruits in your garden and yard.

My webinars are practical and inspiring. In each webinar I give specific tips on how to garden, show inspiring and descriptive photos of the topics and answer some common questions at the end. Each webinar includes a 1 hour powerpoint presentation followed by a ½ hour Q/A session.

These webinars were recorded over the past two years and normally costs $9.99 each. However in this bundle, the 4 webinars only cost $29.99. That’s more than a $10 saving!

Here’s some details about what’s in each webinar.

Small Space Edible Gardening:

  • The best varieties of veggies, herbs, and fruits for small spaces
  • Growing indoors with microgreens
  • Different containers for different situations
  • Vertical gardening
  • Growing fruits in pots
  • Raised bed gardening
  • Succession planting, fertilizing and pest control

Foodscaping or Edible Landscaping:

  • Where to grow foodscape plants in your yard
  • How to substitute ornamental plants with foodscape plants and not sacrifice beauty
  • Some design techniques to make your foodscape more beautiful
  • Examples of some foodscape yards
  • My favorite edible veggies, flowers, herbs, berries and fruits for your yard

All About Berries:

  • The best varieties of the various berries to grow in your area
  • How to choose a good site to grow berries and how to prepare the soil
  • How to plant berry bushes and plants using different designs
  • How to care for plants in the critical first year including watering and weeding tips.
  • Pruning berry bushes and using supports
  • Insect pests and animals and how to control them safely.

Organic Gardening Pest Controls:

  • Selecting Pest Resistant Plants & Varieties
  • Design Ideas to reduce the chance of damage
  • Fencing, netting, row covers and other barriers
  • Traps and do they work
  • Targeted Organic Sprays for insects and diseases
  • Animal Repellents and how to use them
  • Which Home Remedies work and which don’t work