All About Berries Webinar


About the Webinar

Berries are a great way to explore growing fruits. Many of the plants are small and fit in small spaces and even containers. If you plant a variety of berries you can have fruit all summer long, freshly picked from your garden. But berries aren’t without their challenges. You have to choose the right varieties for your climate and region, prepare the soil well, plant, weed and water using best practices, prune and care for the plants each year and harvest at the right time.

In this All About Berries Webinar I’ll talk about all these aspects of berry growing. Whether you’re new to growing berries or experienced, there will be something for everyone in this webinar.

In this Webinar you’ll learn about:

  • The best varieties of the various berries to grow in your area
  • How to choose a good site to grow berries and how to prepare the soil
  • How to plant berry bushes and plants using different designs
  • How to care for plants in the critical first year including watering and weeding tips.
  • Pruning berry bushes and using supports
  • Insect pests and animals and how to control them safely.

This hour-long presentation is followed with a ½ hour of questions and answers. Please note: Although you are welcome to watch this webinar as often as you like, do not share it or post it on the internet, websites, social media platforms or any public places without written consent from Charlie Nardozzi.