How to Grow: Helenium

Listen to this podcast on how to Helenium or sneezeweed perennial flower.     Watch this video about Helenium:   It's August and soon we'll hit that quiet time in our perennial flower garden after the early summer flowers fade, but before the fall flowers shine. We're always looking for plants to fill this late summer void and one of the best is Helenium.  Helenium is a hardy, native, aster-family perennial with few pests. It grows in the wild in damp areas in meadows. It also goes by the unfortunate common name of...

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How to Grow: Hellebores

Learn how to grow the lenten rose or Hellebore and about some varieties. Listen to Podcast: Although we grow this plant as a perennial flower, it also has other devious uses. During the siege of Kirrha in ancient Greece, the invading armies poisoned the city's water supply with crushed roots and leaves of this flower causing the protecting armies to be weakened by diarrhea and overwhelmed. That's a good reason not to eat the leaves of your Lenten rose. Lenten or Christmas rose is more widely known by its botanical name, hellebore....

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How to Grow: Kokedama

Listen to this podcast on how to grow a kokedama indoor houseplant.   I'm always looking for new plants and growing techniques. That's why I'm fascinated with kokedama hanging houseplants. What's kokedama? Kokedama is an ancient form of Japanese bonsai. Actually, it's also called poor man's bonsai because it is so easy to do. The idea is to plant a small houseplant in a ball of clay and peat moss surrounded by green sphagnum moss and held together with twine. The ball and plant, can then be hung in a room or in a tray on a table or...

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How to Grow: No-Dig Gardening

Listen to this podcast on gardening easier and smarter with no dig gardening.   I'm starting to work on a new book. It's on No-Dig Gardening. It's a topic that I've been playing around with in our vegetable and annual flower gardens for years and I'm excited to dive deeper into it. I'm rereading the classic No-Work Gardening by Ruth Stout, checking out No-Dig Gardening experts on Youtube and refreshing my understanding of some permaculture techniques. The idea behind No-Dig Gardening is to retire the tiller and not dig your annual...

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Webinar Special

All About Houseplants Webinar

Learn about the best and easiest houseplants to grow in your home with different light, fertilizing and watering needs. These include hibiscus, begonia, monstera, figs and much more.