Organic Gardening Pest Control Webinar

There’s nothing more frustrating than to nurse along your roses, tomatoes, cucumbers, hosta and sunflowers only to have them decimated by insects, diseases or animals. As I combat beetles on my asparagus, mildew on my bee balm, birds on my blueberries and deer on my sunflowers, I feel the pain, too.

In this webinar I cover topics such as;

  • Selecting Pest Resistant Plants & Varieties
  • Design Ideas to reduce the chance of damage
  • Fencing, netting, row covers and other barriers
  • Traps and do they work
  • Targeted Organic Sprays for insects and diseases
  • Animal Repellents and how to use them
  • Which Home Remedies work and which don’t work
Organic Gardening Pest Control Webinar
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Growing Vines

Learn about a wide variety of annual and perennial vines to grow including mandevilla, passion flower, trumpet vine, honeysuckle and morning glory. Includes varieties, how to grow, prune and fertilize the vines and fall and winter care.