Organic Food Gardening Webinar Package


If you’re interested in growing food, this Organic Food Gardening Webinar Package is for you! I have bundled together 6 of my webinars into a package that will help you build better soil while growing healthier vegetables, berries and herbs in your garden and yard. It will also help you with organic pest control techniques. 

In each webinar I give specific tips on how to garden, show inspiring and descriptive photos of the topics and answer some common questions at the end. Each webinar includes a 1 hour powerpoint presentation followed by up to ½ hour of Q/As.

These webinars normally cost $9.99 each. However, in this package, the 6 webinars only cost $29.99. That’s a $30 saving!

Organic Food Gardening Webinar Package

Click to purchase for $29.99

Included in this package

Ecological Gardening and Companion Planting:

  • How to build soil health
  • Ways to increase soil fertility with cover crops
  • New scientific-based research on companion planting
  • Ways to lure and establish beneficial insects in your garden
  • Examples of companion planting techniques for pest control
  • Examples of companion planting techniques for disease and weed controls

Foodscaping/Edible Landscaping:

  • Where to grow foodscape plants in your yard
  • How to substitute ornamental plants with foodscape plants and not sacrifice beauty
  • Some design techniques to make your foodscape more beautiful
  • Examples of some foodscape yards
  • My favorite edible veggies, flowers, herbs, berries and fruits for your yard

No-Dig Gardening and Raised Beds:

  • The benefits of no-dig gardening
  • The benefits of raised beds and various types to use
  • Various ways to create a no dig bed
  • How to bed a no dig, raised bed on compacted soil and weedy sites
  • How to convert your bed to no-dig
  • Gardening techniques to maintain your no dig bed
  • Examples of other no-dig related techniques such as straw bale gardening, hugelkultur and keyhole beds.

Organic Gardening Pest Controls:

  • Selecting Pest Resistant Plants & Varieties
  • Design Ideas to reduce the chance of damage
  • Fencing, netting, row covers and other barriers
  • Traps and do they work
  • Targeted Organic Sprays for insects and diseases
  • Animal Repellents and how to use them
  • Which Home Remedies work and which don’t work

Soils and Mulches:

  • Different types of soils and how they affect how you garden
  • Fun home experiments you can do with your soil
  • The role nutrients, pH, drainage, microbes and organic matter play in the soil
  • How to build better soil using No-Dig Gardening techniques.
  • The types and advantages of organic mulch in the gardens
  • Matching your mulch with your type of plants
  • Myths about wood mulch which includes changing the pH, robbing the soil of nitrogen, mulch depth and spreading diseases
  • The surprising type of wood mulch that is best for perennials, trees and shrubs and how to use it.

All About Berries:

  • The best varieties of the various berries to grow in your area
  • How to choose a good site to grow berries and how to prepare the soil
  • How to plant berry bushes and plants using different designs
  • How to care for plants in the critical first year including watering and weeding tips.
  • Pruning berry bushes and using supports
  • Insect pests and animals and how to control them safely.

Testimonials from Other Webinars:

"This was a great webinar! Thank you. I picked up a few good tips and you also helped to confirm a few things I've been doing right! Adding the garden story (humor), (or history, or experience) was an interesting addition to the webinar. "
"I really enjoyed this webinar and learned a lot! I thought it was well-organized, the delivery was great, and the time flew by - could have easily filled another hour."
Loved it! Great comprehensive coverage of topic. Excellent choice of visuals to highlight topic."

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