How to Grow: Drosophila Fruit Fly

Listen to this podcast on the Drosophila Fruit Fly and how it attacks berries and fruits.   If you're growing fall raspberries or blueberries, chances are you're starting to see this pest. Or you're seeing the symptoms of this pest! If you've noticed your ripening blueberries or raspberries are shriveling on the plant or turn into a maggot filled mess after sitting on the counter for a few days, you probably have the spotted winged drosophila fruit fly. This relatively new pest is the bane of fruit growers and is spreading. The small...

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How to Grow: Fruit in Pots

While most gardeners like to grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers in containers, you can do more. Many fruit trees and berry bushes come in dwarf forms that allow you to grow apples, peaches, blueberries and strawberries in containers on a high rise balcony or a rustic deck. Fruit Trees in Pots Columnar apples trees, such as 'North Pole', only grow 8 feet tall with stubby branches. Fruits form along the trunk and branches making this small tree perfect for container growing. There are self fruitful, dwarf peaches, such as 'El Dorado', and...

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Fruit Videos

How to Grow: Thinning Fruit Trees

Learn how to thin the fruits in your apple, plum, peach, and pear trees so you get a better harvest and care better for the tree. Transcript There's nothing like growing your own fresh fruit. Apples, pears, plums,and peaches right on your own trees are easier to grow than you think. With quick maturing varieties and dwarf varieties it makes it simple. You don't need an orchard or a big yard. All you need is a small space with a lot of sun and these varieties will produce in a couple years. There are some chores you have to do to keep them...

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