How to Grow: Self-Sowing Veggies

Sometimes being a lazy gardener can have some benefits. A few years ago I neglected to cut down some bolting lettuces, greens and arugula in our garden. By the time I got around to cutting them back, they had already created and dropped their seed. I did eventually cut back the bolted veggies, but I remembered where they once stood.

The next spring I noticed lettuce and arugula seedlings all in that area. They were in the beds and pathways. I took advantage of this bounty and transplanted them into other beds or just left them to grow in the out of the way paths. They grew great and we enjoyed them all spring.

So, now I let some of the healthier lettuce and other plants go to seed. I’ve also let fennel, dill and borage self sow. I’ve found it’s a simple way to have healthy transplants in the garden that move easily if you move them while they’re young. Also, they are indicator plants for me. When I see lettuce germinating in the garden I know it’s time to plant my own lettuce seeds and other greens. The soil moisture and temperature is ideal for them.

So, get a little lazy and let some veggies and herbs self sow in your garden. It’s fun and less work.