How to Grow: Easy Houseplants

Learn the easiest and best houseplants to grow indoors.

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Sansevieriya, Sansevieria, Sheet, Plant, Nature, No OneI’ve talked before about the air cleaning benefits of houseplants. Well, houseplants can help us in many more ways, especially in the dead of winter. Researchers for years have verified what many of use already feel about plants. Having plants in the home and workplace reduces blood pressure, raises attentiveness and well-being, reduces anxiety and increases productivity. But for black thumbs in the audience having houseplants that die can just contribute to plant guilt. Here’s a solution, grow hard to kill houseplants.

Right now homes are filled with holiday plants such as poinsettias and Christmas cactus, but here are some easier, more foolproof houseplants to grow. The snake plant or Sansevieria, has sword-like green succulent leaves edged in yellow or white. It grows in low light and doesn’t mind drying out. Give it some sun and fertilizer it may grow up to 3 feet tall. Cast iron plant or Aspidistra sounds formidable. It’s a slow growing, low light, low humidity, nondescript green leaf plant that grows 2 feet tall.

Chinese evergreen looks like to the cast iron plant and has similar needs, but has more attractive arching, lance-shape leaves, which are usually variegated with silver. My old college room plant, Dracena marginata or the corn plant, has dark green, strap-like leaves edged in red. It grows towards the light and is forgiving of a forgetful waterer. Hey, it survived my dorm room, so that says something! Finally, the purple-leaved oxalis or shamrock plant is a favorite. This one needs bright light and constant moisture to grow and flower best, but what I love about it is if it gets leggy, insect infested or out of control, simply cut it back to the soil line and it will resprout to live another day.

From the Vermont Garden Journal on Vermont Public Radio.



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