Foodscape Gardening Webinar

Everyone loves to grow their own produce. But many gardeners don’t have the space for more gardens. How can you have edibles and a beautiful yard, too?


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What is Foodscaping?

Foodscaping is another way of saying edible landscaping. It’s a way to grow vegetables, fruits and herbs in your yard that are beautiful and edible too. In this webinar I’ll talk about places in your yard to grow foodscape plants besides the garden. I’ll talk about designs principles to make it look beautiful. And I’ll share some of my favorite flowers, veggies, herbs, berries and trees and how to grow them. Plus, you can email me with your questions and I’ll incorporate those in my presentation as well.

Foodscape Gardening Webinar
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You’ll learn about:

  • Where to grow foodscape plants in your yard
  • How to substitute ornamental plants with foodscape plants and not sacrifice beauty
  • Some design techniques to make your foodscape more beautiful
  • Examples of some foodscape yards
  • My favorite veggies, flowers, herbs, berries and fruits for your yard

This hour-long presentation will be followed with a ½ hour of questions and answers where I’ll be able to help you individually with your gardening situation.

Here’s a 3 minute Sample from my 2017 Spring Gardening Webinar to review


Testimonials from the Spring Garden Webinar:

"This was a great webinar! Thank you. I picked up a few good tips and you also helped to confirm a few things I've been doing right! Adding the garden story (humor), (or history, or experience) was an interesting addition to the webinar. "

"I really enjoyed this webinar and learned a lot! I thought it was well-organized, the delivery was great, and the time flew by - could have easily filled another hour."

Loved it! Great comprehensive coverage of topic. Excellent choice of visuals to highlight topic."