Growing Flowering Vines Webinar

There’s nothing like the stunning beauty of flowering vines. While some vines, such as clematis, shine early in the season, there are vines that bloom in summer and fall too, adding more color and visual screening to your yard.

In this webinar I’ll talk about the different types of flowering vines. I’ll cover perennial and woody vines, such as climbing hydrangea and trumpet vine. I’ll talk about herbaceous perennial vines, such as mandevilla and clematis. I’ll spend time on gorgeous annual vines, such as cardinal climber and cup and saucer vine. And I’ll mention some edible vines as well, including hardy kiwi.

You’ll learn the nature of each climber, how they attach to a fence, building or structure, what they need to grow well and how to prune the woody and perennial vines. I’ll talk about where and how to grow these vines for various uses.


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About this Webinar

Flowering vines can be used for a variety of purposes in your yard. Woody and perennial vines can be grown to block a view, cover a blank wall or fence or provide a backdrop to other colorful flowers. Annual vines add a splash of color to trellises, poles, and fences. Vines can also provide shade on a pergola or trellis and food.

In this Growing Flowering Vines Webinar, I’ll talk about a selection of woody, perennial and annual vines, what kind of structures they need to grow on, how to insure they grow up strong and ways to keep them a manageable size by pruning and growing them in containers.

In this Webinar you’ll learn about:

  • Different types of woody, perennial and annual vines to grow in different places in your yard, with some unusual ones, too.
  • How vines attach themselves to structures and which ones may need help
  • The best locations to plant vines for growth and so they don’t harm your building’s siding or overwhelm a structure.
  • Good plant partners in the garden for climbing vines.
  • How to limit pest problems on your vines.
  • How to overwinter tender perennial vines, such as mandevilla, in the North

This is an hour-long presentation.

Growing Flowering Vines Webinar
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