Growing Lilacs and Hydrangeas Webinar

Two of the most common shrubs, and ones I get the most questions about, are lilacs and hydrangeas. We love these deciduous shrubs in our landscape, but often are confused about which types to grow and how to care for them. In this NEW webinar on Growing Lilacs and Hydrangeas I’ll talk about different types and varieties of lilacs and hydrangeas, where and how to grow them, good companion plants for them in your landscape, how to prune these shrubs for consistent flowering and how to overwinter them in cold climates.

About this Webinar

Lilacs are quintessential cold weather shrubs that are hardy and found in lots of locations. But gardeners often have many questions about the best types to grow in their landscape and how to prune and care for them. I’ll talk about common and unusual types of lilacs, how to keep them flowering, ways to make more lilacs from your shrub and how to keep them size in bounds.

Hydrangeas have become very popular as landscape shrubs with the breeding of new, better growing varieties. I’ll talk about the different types of hydrangeas and where to grow them in your yard. I’ll highlight some cool, new varieties and talk about the best types for long flowering times and to attract pollinators. I’ll also cover pruning and protecting your hydrangeas and using them as cut flowers in your home.

 In this Webinar you’ll learn about:

  • The best types and varieties of lilacs and hydrangeas for your landscape
  • The best location to grow your lilacs and hydrangeas for light, soil and water needs.
  • Ways to care for these shrubs including watering and fertilizing
  • How to prune lilacs and hydrangeas.
  • How to propagate these shrubs to get more plants
  • Sleuthing common problems with your lilacs and hydrangeas.

This is a one hour-long presentation with recorded questions and answers afterward.

Growing Lilacs and Hydrangeas Webinar
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Testimonials from Other Webinars:

"This was a great webinar! Thank you. I picked up a few good tips and you also helped to confirm a few things I've been doing right! Adding the garden story (humor), (or history, or experience) was an interesting addition to the webinar. "

"I really enjoyed this webinar and learned a lot! I thought it was well-organized, the delivery was great, and the time flew by - could have easily filled another hour."

Loved it! Great comprehensive coverage of topic. Excellent choice of visuals to highlight topic."

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