Grow A Pollinator Garden Webinar

Everyone is becoming more aware of the importance and plight of pollinators.  Pollinating insects, birds, and other creatures are essential not just for our flower gardens, but also the food we eat. Every little bit helps and integrating pollinator-friendly plants into your landscape will help create the food and habitat these creatures need to thrive.

 Join me for my Grow A Pollinator Garden Webinar. Webinars are a great way to see and hear me speak without leaving the comfort of your own home!

Honey bees on a flower

Pollinator Gardens

It’s estimated one in every three bits of food we eat can be attributed to pollinating insects. Pollinators are critical to our food supply and the ecological of our gardens and landscapes. Pollinator gardening has become very popular with many home gardeners, schools and municipal gardens growing plants that are pollinator-friendly.

But pollinator gardening is more than just growing a few sunflowers or asters for bees and Monarch butterflies. In this webinar, I’ll talk about the essential ingredients to a successful pollinator garden beyond the plants. I’ll chat about the habitat, water, shelter and best gardening practices for pollinators and highlight pollinators beyond just honey bees. Then, I’ll discuss the plants that are best for pollinators, with emphasis on the open pollinated varieties.

Grow A Pollinator Garden Webinar I’ll talk about the elements of a pollinator garden beyond just the plants, and ways to incorporate pollinator gardening ideas into your own gardens.

Grow Pollinator Gardens Webinar
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You’ll learn about:
  • What is a Pollinator Garden and why are they important?
  • Different types of common and uncommon pollinators
  • Principles used in creating a pollinator garden such as flower, shrub, bulb and ground cover selections.
  • Elements of a successful pollinator garden includes water, shelter, habitat, food and pollen.
  • The best types of plants for pollinators
  • Examples of annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees that are good plants to integrate into a pollinator garden
This hour-long presentation will be followed with a ½ hour of questions and answers where I’ll be able to help you individually with your gardening situation.
Here’s a 3 minute Sample from my past Spring Gardening Webinar to review

Testimonials from Other Webinars:

"This was a great webinar! Thank you. I picked up a few good tips and you also helped to confirm a few things I've been doing right! Adding the garden story (humor), (or history, or experience) was an interesting addition to the webinar. "
"I really enjoyed this webinar and learned a lot! I thought it was well-organized, the delivery was great, and the time flew by - could have easily filled another hour."
Loved it! Great comprehensive coverage of topic. Excellent choice of visuals to highlight topic."

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