Whole Gardening Webinar Library


This library contains all 19 webinars

Why not spend this winter sharpening your garden knowledge and skills by working through my entire Library of Gardening Webinar Package. These webinars cover many topics that gardens love. Whether you’re a food gardener looking to build better soil and garden in a more ecologically friendly way or you’re a flower gardener looking for tips on how to grow your favorite cottage garden, pollinator garden, shrubs and vines and flowering bulb plants, there’s information in this library that will reinforce what you know and teach you some new tips.

Normally, I sell these webinars for $9.99 each. But if you purchase the Whole Gardening Library Package you get the collection for only $129.99. That’s a $60 savings!

Included in this package

Growing Bulbs:

  • All About Berries Webinar
  • All About Houseplants
  • Cottage Gardening Webinar
  • Container Gardening Revolution Webinar
  • Ecological Gardening & Companion Planting Webinar
  • Fall Gardening Chores Webinar
  • Foodscape Gardening Webinar
  • Gardening for the Birds Webinar
  • Grow a Pollinator Gardens Webinar
  • Growing Bulbs Webinar
  • Growing Lilacs and Hydrangeas
  • Growing Summer Bulbs
  • Growing Vines
  • Lawn Care and Growing a Bee Friendly Lawn
  • Natives, Invasives & Weeds Webinar
  • No Dig Gardening & Raised Beds
  • Organic Gardening Pest Control Webinar
  • Plants for Problem Places Webinar
  • Soils and Mulches Webinar