Natives, Invasives & Weeds Webinar


Native plants are truly fabulous. They have co-evolved with other plants, insects, animals and species for thousands of years. They provide habitat, food and shelter for creatures and beauty and food for us. Some gardeners feel like that’s all we should grow. Others love their exotic species from around the world and want to grow them. So, what’s the right answer?  I’ll explore this topic looking at it from different viewpoints and, of course, adding my opinion as well. But we won’t stop there. I’ll talk about controlling exotic weeds such as poison ivy and gout weed, that run rampant in yards and  as well as weeding annual weeds and grasses out of the garden.

In this Natives, Invasives & Weeds Webinar I’ll talk about many aspects of native plants and exotic plants. Plus, I’ll talk about controlling annual, perennial and woody weeds.

In this Webinar you’ll learn about:

  • Common definitions of native and exotic plants and where I stand
  • Selecting some good native flowers, shrubs and trees that can fill multiple roles in the landscape.
  • When do you call a plant invasive?
  • How to annual weeds such as purslane
  • How to control perennial weeds such as horsetail and gout weed
  • How to control woody weeds such as buckthorn and poison ivy
  • Organic and safe ways to control tough to kill weeds.

This hour-long presentation will be followed with a ½ hour of questions and answers where I’ll be able to help you individually with your gardening situation. Please note: Although you are welcome to watch this webinar as often as you like, do not share it or post it on the internet, websites, social media platforms or any public places without written consent from Charlie Nardozzi.