Meditation with Charlie 5 classes


Join me for weekly meditations this winter at the Charlotte Senior Center in Vermont. Classes are every Friday from 7:30am to 8:30am, in-person at the Senior Center. Those attending in-person classes will pay the Charlotte Senior Center directly on Friday.

For those who can’t attend the live classes, I will be recording each class on Zoom and you can purchase the recording here. If you purchase a 5 Class Card (below) you can use it any week you like to purchase the recording. I will keep track of your account and let you know when the card has run out.

I’ve been practicing meditation for more than 30 years, including studying with a meditation master in the Himalayas of India for much of that time. Meditation is a transformative process that is open to anyone.  It brings about the peace, joy, contentment and happiness we all crave in a world that seems very much devoid of all those things right now.

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5-Class Card Purchase – $50

I teach a Meditation style that’s easy to access for any beginning meditator, yet takes us to deeper place to evolve the understanding of experienced meditators.

Practical Stuff:

About The Class: I often give a short talk about a meditation concept to begin class, then use breathing techniques (pranayam), mantra, chants, and/or guided visualizations to lead us into a quiet period of closed eyes meditation. Starting November 5th, 2021  we’ll be gathering at the Charlotte Senior Center in Vermont every Friday morning from 7:30am to 8:30am to meditate. You can register through the Senior Center (802-425-6345) in advance or pay as a drop-in on Fridays. Make payments (cash or check) for in-person classes to the Charlotte Senior Center. If you can’t make the in-person Class on Friday morning, I am also recording each class via Zoom. You can purchase a 1 class or 5 class card. You can use your web site purchased class only for recorded classes, NOT the in-person classes.   After years of meditating, I’ve seen the benefits, first hand, on physical, mental and emotional levels as well as the evolution of a deep sense of peace and oneness that permeates my everyday life. I’d love to share that process with you. All are welcome to join my meditations and no experience is necessary.