Fall Gardening Chores Webinar


Fall is here. Before you hang up your shovels, rakes and pruners for the season, there are some chores that need to be done. A little work in fall can save you lots of time, effort and frustration in spring.

In the Fall Gardening Chores webinar I cover topics such as;

  • Different types of and ways to plant Spring Flowering  Bulbs
  • Planting Garlic and Shallots in fall
  • Protecting Shrubs & Trees from winter
  • Building the Soil for next year
  • Lasagna Gardening
  • Many Ways to Compost
  • Protecting Plants & Bulbs from critters
  • Putting the Garden to Bed

Please note: Although you are welcome to watch this webinar as often as you like, do not share it or post it on the internet, websites, social media platforms or any public places without written consent from Charlie Nardozzi.