Ecological Gardening & Companion Planting Webinar


Ecological Gardening & Companion Planting

Gardening has seen many waves of popular techniques over the years. I believe we are seeing a new wave in vegetable and flower gardening where soil and ecosystem health is held in higher regard. With a changing climate that’s making gardening more unpredictable and a greater concern for insects, birds and animals, we need to adopt gardening practices that will help Nature AND still be productive.  Some of these techniques are ones you may have used in the past, while others offer a new look at vegetable gardening.

In this Ecological Gardening & Companion Planting Webinar, I’ll talk about ways to build the soil without harming soil creatures. I’ll also discuss cover cropping and companion planting as  ways to grow plants with less work. Whether you’re a beginning veggie and flower gardener or an experienced one, there will be something for everyone in this webinar.


In this Webinar you’ll learn about:

  • How to build soil health without turning or tilling
  • Ways to increase soil fertility with cover crops
  • New scientific-based research on companion planting
  • Ways to lure and establish beneficial insects in your garden
  • Examples of companion planting techniques for pest control
  • Examples of companion planting techniques for disease and weed controls.

This hour-long presentation will be followed with a ½ hour of questions and answers where I’ll be able to help you individually with your gardening situation.