All About Flower Gardening Webinar Package


If you’re interested in growing flowers, flowering shrubs and vines, this All About Flower Gardening Webinar Package is for you! I have bundled together 9 of my webinars into a package that will help you grow Cottage Gardens, Pollinator Gardens, Bird Friendly Gardens, Bulb Gardens, Summer Bulks, Lilacs and Hydrangeas and Flowering Vines. I also included webinars on Native and Invasive Plants and Lawn Care including information on Growing a Bee Friendly Lawn.  

In each webinar I give specific tips on how to garden, show inspiring and descriptive photos of the topics and answer some common questions at the end. Each webinar includes a 1 hour powerpoint presentation followed by up to ½ hour of Q/As.

These webinars normally cost $9.99 each. However, in this package, the 9 webinars only cost $49.99. That’s a $40 saving!

Growing Bulbs:

  • Different types of bulbs to grow in different places in your yard
  • Some unusual bulb types to grow including species tulips and fall flowering bubs
  • How to plant them properly
  • Fertilizing and dividing bulbs to keep them flowering
  • Techniques for protecting bulbs from critters
  • Planting bulbs in containers and forcing them including amaryllis
  • Growing garlic and shallots in the garden.

Gardening for the Birds:

  • The best ways to feed birders using feeders
  • Why native plants are better for birds than exotics
  • The best trees, shrubs, and vines for natural bird food
  • Ways to create habitats in your yard to promote bird nesting
  • The best water sources for birds.
  • Supporting bird populations with bird houses and shelters

Natives, Invasives & Weeds

  • Common definitions of native and exotic plants and where I stand
  • Selecting some good native flowers, shrubs and trees that can fill multiple roles in the landscape.
  • When do you call a plant invasive?
  • How to control annual weeds such as purslane
  • How to control perennial weeds such as horsetail and gout weed
  • How to control woody weeds such as buckthorn and poison ivy
  • Organic and safe ways to control tough to kill weeds.

Grow A Pollinator Garden

  • What is a Pollinator Garden and why are they important?
  • Different types of common and uncommon pollinators
  • Principles used in creating a pollinator garden such as flower, shrub, bulb and ground cover selections.
  • Elements of a successful pollinator garden includes water, shelter, habitat, food and pollen.
  • The best types of plants for pollinators
  • Examples of annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees that are good plants to integrate into a pollinator garden

Cottage Gardening

  • The history of Cottage Gardens
  • Elements, such as hedges, fences, arbors, benches and water features, that can be used in cottage gardening
  • Examples of traditional and non traditional cottage garden flowers
  • Using shrubs and trees in the cottage garden
  • Creating garden rooms, focal points and color patterns in your cottage garden

Growing Flowering Vines

  • Different types of woody, perennial and annual vines to grow in different places in your yard, with some unusual ones, too.
  • How vines attach themselves to structures and which ones may need help
  • The best locations to plant vines for growth and so they don’t harm your building’s siding or overwhelm a structure.
  • Good plant partners in the garden for climbing vines.
  • How to limit pest problems on your vines.
  • How to overwinter tender perennial vines, such as mandevilla, in the North

Growing Summer Bulbs

  • The differences between hardy and tender summer bulbs and which bulbs fall in which categories
  • Detailed descriptions of the major summer bulbs with best varieties
  • Some unusual summer bulbs to try
  • Ways to use summer bulbs in your garden design
  • Using of summer bulbs as cut flowers
  • The care of the various summer bulbs with emphasis on flowering and pest control
  • When and how to divide summer bulbs
  • Storage of tender summer bulbs

Lilacs & Hydrangeas

  • The best types and varieties of lilacs and hydrangeas for your landscape
  • The best location to grow your lilacs and hydrangeas for light, soil and water needs.
  • Ways to care for these shrubs including watering and fertilizing
  • How to prune lilacs and hydrangeas.
  • How to propagate these shrubs to get more plants
  • Sleuthing common problems with your lilacs and hydrangeas

Lawn Care & Growing A Bee Friendly Lawn

  • Choosing the best grass varieties for your landscape
  • The differences between sowing seeds vs laying sod
  • Repairing thin or bare patches in your lawn
  • Overseeding the lawn with more grass seed
  • Topdressing the lawn with compost
  • Reducing weeds in your lawn.
  • Creating a Bee Friendly lawn by sowing low growing flowers and adjusting your mowing routine