How to Grow: Vegetable Varieties for Containers

Some vegetables are naturally small and easy to grow in containers. For example, you can grow almost any variety of arugula, radish, parsley, basil, pak choi, microgreen, and bush bean in your pot. For other larger growing vegetables, here’s some good, dwarf choices to try.

Beet– ‘Cylindra’, ‘Babybeet’, ‘Little Ball’, ‘Bull’s Blood’

Broccoli– ‘Sun King’, ‘Waltham 29’, ‘Small Miracle’

Carrot- ‘Little Finger’, Thumbelina’, ‘Short N Sweet’

Cucumber– ‘Salad Bush’, ‘Bush “Pickle’, ‘Spacemaster’

Eggplant- ‘Bambino’, ‘Patio Baby’, ‘Fairy Tale’

Hot Pepper- ‘Thai Hot’, ‘Super Chili’, ‘Black Pearl’

Lettuce– ‘Little Gem’, ‘Deer Tongue’, ‘Tom Thumb, ‘Newham’.

Okra- ‘Baby Bubba’, ‘Dwarf Long Green Pod’, ‘Candle Fire’

Onion- ‘Italian Scallion’, ‘White Bunching’, ‘Red Torpedo’

Peas– ‘Sugar Ann’, ‘Dwarf Grey Sugar’, ‘Strike’

Summer Squash/Zucchini– ‘Astia’, ‘Gold Rush’, ‘Sunburst’, ‘Pic N Pic’

Sweet corn– ‘On Deck’, ‘Trinity’, ‘Golden Bantam’

Sweet Pepper– ‘Jingle Bells’, ‘Mohawk’, ‘Redskin’

Tomato– ‘Lizzano’, ‘Tiny Tim’, ‘Better Bush’, ‘Rosella Purple’, ‘Dwarf Sweet Sue’

Winter Squash– ‘Cornell Bush’ delicata,’ ‘Table Queen’ acorn’, Butterbush’ butternut, ‘Gold Nugget Bush’ buttercup