How to Grow: Protecting Bulbs from Rodents

Learn how to protect your prized tulip and crocus bulbs from mice, voles and chipmunks from eating them after you plant in fall. By using bulbs that these rodents don’t like to eat, such as fritillaria, daffodils and alliums, and either not planting tulips and crocus or mixing the repellent bulbs with the tulips and crocus, you can thwart these critters. Another technique is to use materials mice and voles don’t like to tunnel through. Crushed seashells, oysters shells or gravel create a barrier they don’t like to pass. Mix these in the hole with the bulbs. You can also use repellent sprays such as caster oil and blood meal. The rodents don’t like the strong smell and will tunnel elsewhere. Finally, create a metal cage using 1/2-inch mesh hardware cloth. Place your prized bulbs in the cage and bury it to the proper depth. The bulbs will grow through the cage holes, but the critters won’t be able to reach them.

Watch my video for more:

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