How to Grow: Flamingo Flowers


Many people are growing houseplants again to create a lush, green oasis in their home or apartment. But it doesn’t have to just be green houseplants. There are new varieties of easy-to-grow houseplants that feature colorful leaves and flowers and some even grow in low-light conditions. Here are some of the best.

Anthurium or the flamingo flower features dark green, lush leaves and attractive white, pink, red, gold or burgundy colored flowers. The flowers are actually modified leaves or spathes. They are some of the longest lasting flowers you can grow, holding onto their color for weeks. Place anthuriums in a bright room, away from cold drafts and direct sunlight, and water when the soil is dry.

If you have a lower light area that needs brightening try the Chinese Evergreen or Aglaonema. This foliage houseplant normally comes in dark green leaves mottled in silver. However, newer varieties have multi-colored red, pink, and yellow colored leaves. This is a great tabletop foliage plant. Chinese evergreens can grow in low-light conditions and even are tolerant of low humidity.

If you do have a brighter room with south-facing windows, try a croton. Crotons have large, rubber tree-looking leaves that are splashed with red, yellow, orange and pink colors. It’s like a rainbow in your house! Crotons are good floor plants since they can grow large and are great in a bright corner of your living or dining room. All these houseplants appreciate a shower every weeks in winter to clean their leaves and make them feel like they’re back home in the tropics.

Excerpted from Ct Garden Journal on Ct Public Radio