How to Grow: Cup Plant


Late summer’s yellow-blossomed favorites like goldenrod, asters and rudbeckia are certainly lovely, but if you’re looking for golden petals plus drama, pick a posie that can grow as tall as some adults! The cup plant is a native species and grows up to 6 feet tall, with scads of daisy-like bright yellow flower.

Cup flowers bloom from late July till the first frost, and because of their tendency to grow so big, when it comes to location, you’ll want to choose wisely. These look great when paired with plume poppies, meadowsweet or Joe-Pye weed.

The cup plant’s name comes from the fact that the leaves on the stem grow together in a way that resembles a small cup. After a rain shower, the leafy cups collect water and provide a protected space for a quick sip for hummingbirds, bees and butterflies.

The cup plant is both drought-tolerant and will thrive in wet areas. After it blooms and the petals drop, the cup plant’s seeds will also fall off, providing a treat for the birds.

Excerpted from All Things Gardening on Vt Public Radio