Garden Coaching and Consulting

Garden Coaching and Consulting

Charlie coaching at the Milton Vermont Garden Club


What’s a Garden Coach?

A coach is a cross between a consultant, designer, and a landscaper.

A designer will give you ideas and plans, but won’t do the work.

A landscaper will come in and do the work, but won’t teach you how.

A coach is the best of both worlds. I’ll come in and offer design and plant selection ideas and maintenance tips. Then I’ll come back and actually work with you to perform some of the tasks.

A garden coach is for those gardeners who want to do their own gardening and landscaping, but need help getting started and knowing how to do specific projects.

I’m comfortable working with absolute beginners to knowledgeable Master Gardeners. While I can teach you to do many tasks in the garden, I don’t do construction or large scale landscaping projects, architectural or formal landscape designs, or building projects. However, I can recommend people who can do those things.


“We’re enthusiastic beginner gardeners with too little time. Charlie offered great ideas and knowledgeable answers to all of our questions. He gave just the right amount of information to be comprehensive without being overwhelming. Among other things, Charlie offered great ideas to simplify efforts in the vegetable garden, had trouble shooting tips for pests in the flower gardens, and helped de-mystify the how-to’s of wintering roses. His knowledge was incredibly helpful, and his genuine encouragement was motivating.”

Heather, South Burlington, VT

“As a novice gardener and first time homeowner attempting to start my first vegetable bed, I enlisted Charlie to be my guide, coach, and motivator. His expertise, knowledge, patience, and easy-going good nature was truly the perfect recipe for getting me motivated to not only start my garden right, but to continue to see it through. His passion for gardening is simply infectious. Thank you Charlie!”

Jarrett, Essex Junction, VT

You were outstanding. You know so much and have a very easy personal style. It was time and money very well spent. Thank you!

James, Duxbury, VT


  • Consultation– We’ll evaluate your yard and make lists of ideas and projects.
  • Coaching– We’ll take the list of projects you already have and work together as I teach you the skills to get the work done.
  • Consulting and Coaching- After an initial consultation we’ll make a list of projects that I’ll come back and help you get started with. It can be a one-time coaching session or multiple sessions throughout the growing season.
  • Community Garden Group or Club– Consider banding together to do group coaching session.


Consultation and/or coaching- $100/hour

Minimum charge per visit is $100

Discounts for signing up for multiple sessions

No charge for travel within a 15 mile radius of Ferrisburg, Vermont. Beyond that radius ($.56/mile) will be charged or an additional hourly fee will be charged based on the distance.

Contact Charlie at:

phone: 802-825-1677

or fill out this Hire Charlie form.