How to Grow: Trumpet Vine

Campsis radicans   Other Name trumpet creeper   Sun Requirements full sun, part sun, part shade   Bloom Period and Seasonal Color Mid summer to fall with red, orange or yellow flowers   Mature Height x Spread 10 to 30 feet x 5 to 10 feet   Added Benefits attracts beneficials, attracts hummingbirds, native, deer resistant   This aggressive, woody vine produces large clusters of trumpet-shaped flowers, prized by hummingbirds. The flowers give way to bean-shaped pods. It also has attractive, long dark green leaves made of 7, 9 or 11...


How to Grow: Virginia Creeper

Parthenocissus quinquefolia   Other Name woodbine   Sun Requirements full sun, part sun, part shade, full shade   Bloom Period and Seasonal Color Virginia creeper has insignificant blooms. It's mostly grown for its colorful foliage and berries   Mature Height x Spread 30 to 50 feet x 5 to 10 feet   Added Benefits native, fall color, deer resistant   This aggressive deciduous vine is similar to Boston ivy in that it's mostly grown for the colorful leaves in fall and the blue berries that form in summer. The biggest difference...


How to Grow: Winter Creeper

Euonymous fortunei Other Name climbing euonymous   Sun Requirements full sun, part sun, part shade   Bloom Period and Seasonal Color Blooms are not significant. Mostly grown for the colorful foliage that's variegated white, yellow and green with tinges of purple.   Mature Height x Spread 1 to 2 feet x 2 to 4 feet   Added Benefits drought tolerant, fall color   Winter creeper is a versatile plant. It can be trained into an attractive low growing ground cover, mounded shrub or a vertical vine. It's semi-evergreen so winter creeper...


How to Grow: Wisteria

Learn about wisteria, including how to plant and grow this vine. Listen to Podcast: podcast transcript How to Grow: Wisteria Wisteria floribunda   Other Name Japanese wisteria   Sun Requirements full sun   Bloom Period and Seasonal Color Spring in colors of pink, purple, white and lilac   Mature Height x Spread 20 to 35 feet x 2 to 5 feet   Added Benefits attracts hummingbirds, attracts beneficials, deer resistant   There is nothing more spectacular than a wisteria vine in full flower in spring. The long, pendulous clusters...

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