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How to Grow: Protecting Roses

Learn how to protect your roses from winter's cold and winds. Listen to Podcast: I'm Charlie Nardozzi and this is the Vermont Garden Journal on Vermont Public Radio. Fall is a time for wrapping up the garden, both figuratively and literally. It's time to pull out frost-killed annual flowers, cut back perennial flowers, compost leaves, and protect tender shrubs. One of the most precious flowers to protect are your roses. Because there are so many different types of roses, it's often confusing which ones to protect and how. Overwintering...

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How to Grow: Pruning a Hedge

Learn how to prune and care for an evergreen hedge such as arborvitae, cedar and yews. This video has special instructions on the tools and techniques to keep the hedge healthy. For more garden videos, check out the National Gardening Association Transcript Hi I'm Charlie Nardozzi of the National Gardening Association. Today I'd like to show you how to prune an evergreen hedge. Robert Frost once said "good fences make good neighbors". Well plants make excellent fences. Deciduous, which are the plants that drop their leaves in the fall, and...

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How to Grow: Pruning Hydrangeas

  Many gardeners are pruning trees and shrubs this time of year. One shrub that often confounds people is the hydrangea. The reason for the confusion is different species of hydrangeas are pruned at different times. So, let's do a quick hydrangea pruning 101. First, remember when your hydrangeas bloom. If they bloom mid to late summer they are flowering on the new wood. This means the new stems that grow this spring will terminate in a flower. Arborescens hydrangeas such as 'Annabelle' and 'Invincibelle Spirit' and Panicle hydrangeas...

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How to Grow: Pruning Roses

Learn about pruning roses, including when and how to prune each type. Listen to podcast:   Roses can be viewed as the most desirable flower or just a pain to grow. It depends on your attitude. As Abraham Lincoln once said, "You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses." One of the challenges of roses is pruning and now is the time to do it. In spring it's easy to see any blackened, winter injured canes and live buds. Proper pruning invigorates the bush creating more flowers, but less...

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How to Grow: Raised Beds

Raised beds have become a popular way to garden. They have many advantages to regular, in-ground beds. Raised beds warm up faster in spring, drain water better, and allow you to plant more intensively. They are easier to weed, fertilize, and water and you get more production from your vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Here some simple steps to making a raised bed. Mow it Down- Mow or cut down the grass or weeds in this area. The reason you won't be stripping the sod or digging out weeds is there is a natural layer of rich soil just below the...

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How to Grow: Remove Invasive Shrubs

Learn how to identify and remove invasive shrubs in your landscape I always enjoy watching the birds feast on wild berries this time of year as they head South for winter. While there is an abundance of berry shrubs in the wild, not all of they are good characters. There are a number of invasive shrubs that are spread by birds eating the berries and them pooping out the seeds. These shrubs take over habitats, crowd out natives and make the environment less hospitable for wildlife. The most invasive shrubs in Vermont include Japanese...

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How to Grow: Seascaping

Listen to this podcast on how to grow and care for plants along the ocean with salt spray and winds.   Those of us living inland tend to only think about the ocean in summer. But for those 23 million people living within a few miles of Long Island Sound in Connecticut and Long Island, the sea is a daily companion. Landscaping close to the Sound can be challenging and rewarding. The ocean has a moderating effect on temperatures so you can often grow perennials, trees, and shrubs that others can't. However, salt spray and flooding can...

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How to Grow: Straw Bale Gardens

Learn how to grow tomatoes and other vegetables in straw bales with less work and weeds. Listen to podcast: I've seen vegetables planted in just about everything. Whether it be old bathtubs, broken down cars, old shoes or even a used gas grill, gardeners can get creative when it comes to space saving techniques. Well, here's an old space saver that's come back to life in a new book. It's called straw bale gardening. Ruth Stout started it years ago and now Joel Karsten has got a new twist on this idea. Joel makes vegetable gardening less...

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How to Grow: Trellising Tomatoes

Learn about the best ways to trellis your tomato plants to keep them off the ground. Listen to podcast: Well, my tomatoes are in the ground and enjoying the warm soil and temperatures. I grow a mix of hybrids and heirlooms and one thing they all have in common is they're big plants. So, they need to be kept off the ground, because tomatoes flopping on the ground leads to fruit rot, more leaf diseases and a big mess by midsummer. We all know about staking and caging tomatoes so I won't belabor those points. Just remember that if you're...

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How to Grow: Unusual Holiday Wreaths

Learn about creating unusual holidays wreaths made from native materials. Listen to podcast: Holiday wreaths adorn may houses this time of year. While I love the traditional evergreen wreath with pine cones, winter berries, and dried grasses, you can also get creative about what you use to make a wreath. The first type of wreath I like to call the “morning walk” wreath. This is a wreath made from natural materials you find along your morning walk in the woods or fields. Bring along your hand pruners and a bucket and snip colorful dogwood...

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Growing Vines

Learn about a wide variety of annual and perennial vines to grow including mandevilla, passion flower, trumpet vine, honeysuckle and morning glory. Includes varieties, how to grow, prune and fertilize the vines and fall and winter care.